Max Login Attempts

When you can't log in because you've reached you max attempts, you will be asked to enter the displayed code. The code is case sensitive and there needs to be a space between "words." - If the code is too hard, there is a refresh button to right of the code that will allow you to find one you can understand. 95% of the time this will fix your problem. If not, your account may have been deactivated -- usually because your account email has been bouncing emails back to speed talk. In that case, submit a support request and include your username, you speedtalk email address and your current best email address. If emails are bouncing because your email service sees our emails as spam, you will need to "whitelist" speedtalk emails -- which can usually be done by logging into your email service online and adding us to your address book. We can not fix this on our end. Contact your email service for help.


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